Schweitzer + Associates


“Judi has been and continues to be in the vanguard of the sustainable development movement within the real estate industry.”
Bob Santos
Executive Vice President, Five Point Communities
(Previously Lennar Communities)


“In the dynamic environment which surrounds the topic of sustainability it is critical to have as a part of your implementation team a solid player who can sort through the information and locate the facts from the fiction.  Judi possess the passion, intellect and hands-on experience to find the facts, analyze them and combine them to provide the most cost efficient path to implementing a sustainable plan for a community or project.  Judi is an integral consultant on Rancho Mission Viejo’s sustainable team providing valuable management and leadership skills.

Judi is the glass half full person....optimism always makes things run more smoothly and allows you to have some fun along the way.” 

Paul Johnson
Senior Vice President, Community Development, Rancho Mission Viejo


“Judi is very thorough and balanced in her approach.  One of the top experts in the nation on regional green building and site green building.  Judi has served with me as one of nine appointed members on California’s Green Building Code Advisory Committee. This committee was established by statute and serves as the “technical advisor” to the California Building Standards Commission on all green building provisions being considered for adoption by the State of California.

Judi serves with me on California’s Green Building Code Advisory Committee.…  It should be noted that on occasion, public testimony and debate has become rather contentious, yet Judi has served well as a consensus builder on this committee.  People recognize her as an authority on these issues and her calm demeanor really helps to keep everyone on track.

And yes, it goes without saying that Judi “works and plays well with others”.  She has a very engaging personality and has always demonstrated a high level of respect for others.  Her ability as a listener has been critical to her success in the state code-development process and her passion for the issue helps fuel her high level of productivity. 

Lastly, as California moves towards adoption of our Green Building Standards in January or 2010, industry will be seeking advice on compliance alternatives.  While there are a great many individuals who market themselves as being “green experts”, Judi has let her deeds speak for themselves.  If a large company were to ask me for a referral to someone specializing in the area of green building design and construction, there is no question that Judi Schweitzer would be at the top of my list of recommendations.”
Bob Raymer, P.E.
Technical Director, California Building Industry Association


“In serving on our “Green Committee” for the past few years, Judi has provided leadership in directing, managing and coordinating technical workshops on behalf of our many and varied constituents.   Independent of the Green Committee, in her consulting business, Schweitzer & Associates, Judi is both an innovator and servant leader. She has published leading articles from her proprietary research on pricing parameters of sustainable building solutions. She has also worked closely with and conducted both summary and detailed analyses of sustainable public policy initiatives from public and investor-owned utilities (SCE, PG&E and SDG&E); State & Federal agencies, such as the HCD, EPA and DOE; and industry trade associations like the NAHB and ULI. Her presentations are always insightful and welcomed by our industry colleagues.

In our Southern California region, the beneficiaries of Judi’s accomplishments have encompassed not only the natural and built environments, but also those who inhabit these spaces. Just one of many examples, her work with one of our major clients, Rancho Mission Viejo, has led to new development standards from which that company and its stakeholders (merchant builders and homebuyers) will handsomely benefit in the quality of sustainable building solutions across the many neighborhoods scheduled to be constructed in coming years.

The measure of a man, or a woman, is the ability to integrate theory and practice at a personal level. Judi’s life reflects the integrity of living her sustainable belief system. There seem to be too few of us who live the message of our work. She is such a person.“
Don Neff
President/CEO, La Jolla Pacific
BIA QGreen Committee, Chairman


“Judi, is an insightful, professional who understands the multi-variable issues involved in achieving truly sustainable development. She is comfortable dealing with many different stakeholders and her skills, talent and experience are benefit to any client engagement.”
Peter Schwartz, Owner, Peter Schwartz & Associates, LLC


“Judi is a very strategic, creative thinker, and one of the most forward, visionary players within the green, sustainable development movement. I highly recommend Judi to any builder or developer looking at sustainable development as her recommendations are always grounded in reality and based on hard-fast analysis.”
Aaron Nitzkin, Vice President, Solar Division, OCR Solar & Roofing


“Judi knows the world of green building and green community design better than anyone I have worked with. She really knows what she is doing and is a pleasure to work with.”
Dan Sturges, President, Intrago Corporation