Schweitzer + Associates


Schweitzer+Associates (S+A) is a strategic sustainable real estate solutions firm designed to help companies and organizations realize and achieve their sustainability goals, while optimizing the value of the triple-bottom lines of their communities and portfolios. 

S+A's utilizes both 'science' and 'art' in optimizing value for our clients.  Our specialty is creating Sustainable [Economic] Community Developments in both new construction and existing communities.

S+A was founded upon a commitment to promote economically, ecologically and socially responsible land use for today and tomorrow. The sustainability of an environment and society depends on sustainable economics and balancing short- and long-term costs and benefits, and harmonizing the built and natural environments. 

We are professionals who have coin the definition and continue to refine the practice and application of "sustainable real estate development".  We know that doing business in a sustainable manner involves more than just adding up a scorecard until it totals “green.”